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Nail Butter

I love nail care products. I am constantly applying various creams and oils to my hands, with the hopes that I will attain the *perfect* nails and cuticles. That means that I am always searching for and trying new products. When I find one I like –

Travel Nails: Gel Glitter Dots

Ah. That is the sound of me relaxing. Or – of me being relaxed. I am relaxed! I just returned from vacation, you see! I was visiting friends and family for a week or so, and then I went to Maine for my family’s annual trip. I

BoxyCharm Review: Summertime Radness July 2015

I feel like my whole world has been turned upside down since I have started trying subscription boxes. I completely and totally get it now! It’s like getting an amazing package with surprise things you like! I’ve been totally blown away by BoxyCharm lately – it’s like they