chenrezig_sand_mandala_FotorA sand mandala is a Tibetan Buddhist practice. Monks configure beautiful geometric designs, rich in symbolism, and carefully fill in all the detailed shapes with colored sand. The whole process is complex and time consuming, taking many hours of meditative labor, and the results are really beautiful. The painstakingly laid sand is then ritually destroyed – swept away as a statement about the impermanence of life.

Now, this blog is clearly nothing as spiritual as the creation and destruction of a sand mandala (and is certainly not a statement about life (and, I am very sensitive to co-opting culture)) – I just really love the idea of temporary art. I’ve become increasingly interested in nail art – what an amazing expression of design, color, and artistry, and it’s all temporary! I sometimes spend a hours working on nail designs, and it either chips off or I remove it with a swipe of acetone. For me, nail art has a meditative quality, and it is an outlet of creative expression that I destroy on a regular basis.

And who am I? My name is Hannah Pearlman. I live in Denver with my husband an dog – and I love nail art!

So, here I am! Welcome to my nail art blog. I hope to feature my favorite manicures, so check them out! I’m also really excited to gain some new skills. In case you don’t know, there are some really amazing techniques that you can use to create nail art – I’m excited to learn more!