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Cosmoprof Las Vegas 2014

Posted on 22

Cosmoprof 2014 Las Vegas

I just got back from Cosmoprof Las Vegas, and I had a really fabulous first time visiting! I have oodles to share with you – probably too much! So, I’m splitting everything up into several posts, for easy digestion. Today’s post will be a bit of a round up, and I’ll tell you about what the overall experience was like and about some of the major polish trends I observed. I also have some separate posts planned with polish news, coverage of the events I attended, as well as some information on how to survive Cosmoprof (if you decide to attend next year!). Plus, I received some exciting goodies, which will probably take me several months to finish blogging about!

My Nail Art

I have to share the mani I wore to Vegas. I spent a lot of time planning this out, and decided to go with gel. What I didn’t think of was that rhinestones sometimes pop out of place – next time I would skip the rhinestones and stick to some awesome freehand nail art. This abstract look was done with Gelish and Swarovski elements that I bought at Michael’s. I am so glad I went with gel, and didn’t have to worry about my polish chipping during the event. (and shhhh! I brought some nail glue on the plane with me, to deal with those rhinestones!).

The Dalai Lama's Nails: Gelish and Swarovski Cosmoprof Nail art

The Dalai Lama's Nails: Gelish and Swarovski Cosmoprof Nail art

The Exhibitors

If you’re generally curious about what Cosmoprof is like, well – all I can say is that it is ginormous. Here’s a little Instagram vid I shot of the Cosmoprof floor. Keep in mind that this was a 360 of one very small section of the floor! Multiply this by, oh, 100, and you can start to get a sense of how big it is.

Who’s Who
It turns out that bloggers are real people. Who knew! This was probably one of my favorite parts of attending the show; I absolutely loved connecting with bloggers, especially with people whose work I’ve read for years. Comparing notes on what’s new, sharing our manis, and chit chatting was a blast. Not *the* point of Cosmoprof, but it was certainly awesome to connect. Check out who I spotted with some of their favorite Morgan Taylor shades? It’s Krystal of Polish Galore and Melissa of The Daily Nail!
Melissa and Krystal at Cosmoprof
And here’s me with the fabulous Andrea of Chickettes!
Hannah and Andrea at Cosmoprof
I also got to hang out with Katy from Nailed It, Sarah from Chalkboard Nails, Leslie from work/play/polish, Judy of Beauty Judy, and so many other fantastic ladies!


The Trends

I attended Cosmoprof with a press pass, and was also selected to be a Trend Scout. The other trend scouts and I are all in school, although I was the only person focused solely on nails. As a Trend Scout, I was tasked with exploring the show floor and discovering new and exciting offerings, and also with Tweeting highlights. Here are the major themes I noticed (don’t worry, I’ll have more general news in my next post!):

  • Expanded seasonal color palettes

I think this is good news. Although there are a lot of darker colors for fall and winter, it seemed like some brands were trying to break away from traditional color palettes and embrace a wider spectrum of color. Since I wear neon in the winter, I love this!

  • Fewer step gels and gel-like lacquers

I saw a lot of exhibitors with gel systems that require fewer steps, or polishes that fall some place in between gel and lacquer. Some of them don’t require a base coat (or top coat), some of them don’t have a tacky layer, and some of them apply just like regular polish.

China Glaze announced the launch of Ever Glaze, which will be available in January. Ever Glaze will be applied and removed like a traditional polish, and will not require any lamps to cure – this is great news for people who crave long lasting color but don’t have time for a lot of fuss. Ever Glaze will be available in 36 initial shades.

China Glaze Ever Glaze Cosmoprof 2014

Young Nails announced the launch of Caption (photo courtesy of Chickettes), a polish that is supposed to last for up to two weeks. It is applied and removed like a regular polish, however it is supposed to dry much faster and not be dent-able within 15 minutes. Caption will be available in 60 shades, plus some cool toppers!

Young Nails: Caption

Bio Seaweed Gel has a 1-step gel called Unity. What’s cool about Unity is that it cures in solar rays! You could cure it with a lamp, if you want, but you could also let it cure by simply going outside. They have some great colors, and also a more traditional gel line (more on that, below).


Glam and Glits is launching a new 2-step gel called Kiara Sky, which doesn’t require a base coat since it has the color and base in one. Kiara Sky is supposed to last up to 3 weeks (I am really tempted to give it a road test – but 3 weeks is so long to go without changing polish! Anybody want to be my dummy?).  You can see in the picture that they also released matching lacquer colors.


Cacee introduced ONE Gel – which is, as you guessed, an all in one gel! No base coat or top coat required, but you do have to cure each layer. It is supposed to last up to 2 weeks.


  • Nail art for all!

This spanned the gamut from nail art machines (holy cow, this Tat’z Nail’z machine is really neat – that’s a lady with Marilyn Monroe on her nail!), to stamping, to specialty nail art kits. Despite what some trend reports say about nail art being “so over,” it seemed pretty evident that people and companies still care!

Tatz Nails Cosmoprof 2014



MoYou has large sized stamping plates, as well as specialty polishes that are highly pigmented. I received a mini-sized plate as a sample, so I’ll be trying that out in another post!

MoYou nail art

  • 3 or 5 Free / Vegan / Cruelty free

These are definitely buzz words, for sure. But it looked like lots of brands were marketing themselves as being more natural, or at least, better for natural nails. There are still tons of traditional products, of course, with all of the regular ingredients. And since “natural” isn’t regulated at all, buyer beware!

I didn’t realize that Nubar has always been 5-free and Vegan – but it is! Their gorgeous range of shades are, in fact, 5-free.

Nubar Cosmoprof 2014

Bio Seaweed Gels are all 5-free, as well. This is their 3 step gel line, with some gorgeous, pigmented shades.

Bio Seaweed Gel Cosmoprof 2014

Zoya is known for being 5-free, and they have some exciting products on the horizon (hush hush!).

Zoya Cosmoprof 2014

Probelle was formulated with lime and garlic, to promote nail growth. It is also billed as a natural product, however I learned that their formula contains formaldehyde, like many other nail strengtheners. They do claim that their percentage is much lower than other brands, though!

Probelle Cosmoprof 2014
  • Specialty Items

There were some fun specialty items – they don’t exactly fit in any particular trend, so here they are!

Pedi Princess is a special flip flop with built in toe separators, to wear to the salon for your favorite pedicure.

Pedi Princess flip flops Cosmoprof

Nano Nail is a unique compound that allows ladies with long nails to use their smart phones with their nails! Here’s a video demo of the nail in action.


You made it to the end! Stay tuned for more Cosmoprof updates – headed your way soon!

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