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Mod Squad Half Moon Nail Art

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Mod Half Moon Nail Art

During a project we’ve been working on at nail school (don’t worry, I’ll be updating you soon! It’s been quite some time since my last nail school update), one of my colleagues requested a nail look for her model. Her model had a very mod look, between her hair, makeup, and outfit. For her nails, we picked out a nude base and decided to add aΒ black half moon for a little drama. Unfortunately, our photographer was wrapping up for the day and we ran out of time, so I had to leave her without her half moon nail art! The nude nail still worked for the photo shoot – but I thought the idea of the half moon nail art with such dramatic colors would be a really striking look. Because I didn’t get to complete the idea on our model, I decided to try it out on myself as soon as I got home! Of course, I couldn’t leave it as simple as half moons, so I added a little extra to spice up this look. It’s out of my normal comfort zone (where’s the neon?!), but I love the impact of these simple lines.

Mod Half Moon Nail Art

Mod Half Moon Nail Art

Mod Half Moon Nail Art

Mod Half Moon Nail ArtI finally bought a new bottle of nail polish thinner, so I was able to use three polishes that I thought were too gloopy for normal usage! I started by applying 2-ish (some spots were kind of streaky, so I dabbed more on those areas) coats of OPI Did You ‘Ear About Van Gogh? Using my fine nail art brush, I drew on the half moon shapes at the base of each nail with American Apparel Hassid, which is one of my favorite black polishes. Then I added in some ext a shapes for my accents. I topped the whole thing off with a nice, thick coat of my newly restored Seche Vite.

Mod Half Moon Nail ArtWhat kind of nail art takes you out of your comfort zone?

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  • bettysbeautybombs

    Beautiful!!! I love this look. The model is probably super bummed she couldn’t wear it herself. πŸ˜‰

  • I love how modern and classy this looks!