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Simply Essentials Extra Large Nail Clippers Review

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Simply Essentials nail clipper review

This may be a little controversial, but today I’m going to tell you about some nail clippers that were sent to me for review. Now, a lot of nail bloggers out there are of the opinion that you should not clip your nails. I think this is silly, for a few reasons. One, your nails are dead, keratinized cells. This means that clipping them at the free edge will in no way impact how they grow. Second, if you clip with care (that is, not in one hacking go of it, but rather in a few sections) you can shorten your nails much more quickly than filing alone. I am too impatient for filing, especially when you just really need a good trim! Today I’ll review the Simply Essentials Nail Clippers.ย 

Simply Essentials nail clipper review

These are the Simply Essential Clippers. The description says that they are on the heavy duty side, for people with thick nails. I do not have thick finger or toe nails, so I can’t tell you whether or not that part works out. I can tell you that these are very large, and would be great for men. In fact, I may start bringingย these toย nail school – just in case I ever have a male manicure or pedicure.

What I really liked about these clippers is that they have a little catch guard, so that your clippings don’t fly all over the place. Have you ever done a pedicure (your own or somebody else’s!), and gone to clip a toe nail, only to be smacked in the eye by runaway toenail clippings? Well that won’t happen with these!

The handle is quite long, which could be helpful if you have a hard time reaching your toes. The clippers are very solid and sturdy.

Simply Essentials nail clipper review

Simply Essentials nail clipper review

Overall, I would recommend the Simply Essential Clippers. And don’t worry about clipping your nails – if you do it with care, you’ll be ok!

You can buy the Simply Essential Clippers on Amazon for $12.99.

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