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31 Day Challenge Round Up

Friends, I am so proud to have finished the 31 Day Challenge. It pushed me (so hard!) to try new techniques and produce some of my best nail art yet. More than that, it stretched my imagination to think of fun replies to the prompts. This challenge

31DC2014 Day 30: Water Marble Decal

Purchased by Me Pretty sure I said this during the water marble prompt – but, gosh, water marbles are hard! They’re so messy and fussy. When I saw that Fixin to Faff and Betty’s Beauty Bombs found a way to make a water marble decal, I knew

31DC2014 Day 27: Nail Art

Purchased by Me Press Sample We’ve arrived at the part of the challenge where I get a bit misty-eyed. Today’s prompt for the 31 Day Challenge is to be inspired by art. At first, I browsed a lot of famous paintings online, thinking that I would try to

31DC2014 Day 23: Food Fight!

Purchased by Me Press Sample There are some movies that seem magical (and I don’t just mean Harry Potter – har!)  – that help you connect to characters and make you believe in another reality. When Robin Williams died, there was such a huge outpouring of emotion because

31DC2014 Day 22: Firework

Purchased by Me Press Sample Do you ever hear a song and just have to bust out singing? Even if it’s not technically the greatest song in the world? Well – today I am singing Firework, by Katy Perry. Because I feel like a firework! I feel like

31DC2014 Day 21: Zoya Storm

Purchased by Me Ooooh, I’m slipping this post in under the wire today! Oh, you – 31 Day Challenge – you thought you could get the best of me! But you didn’t! Today’s prompt is to be inspired by a color. I find this prompt to be