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Updated Dotticure

I was thinking about how much I love my dotting tool (it’s true – I love it!) and I realized I hadn’t done any polka dots in quite a while. I also realized that my standard dotticure needed some sort of update. And how do we update

Punky Purples

Today’s look seemed a little punky to me. My thought process went like this: black accent, punk music, Punky Brewster. For some reason, I kept thinking of Punky Brewster shouting, “Punky Power!” but in my head I was thinking, “Punky Purple!” I wanted to use my new Zoya Carter

Red and Wild

Got a quick post for you all this evening! It seems that I’m in the Valentine’s Day spirit – mostly I’m enjoying the reds and pinks that accompany the holiday. I sometimes forget how much I love red; blues is definitely one of my manicure go-to colors.

First Day of School

Last week I announced my plans to start nail school – today, I’m writing after an exciting first day! I must admit, this morning my tummy was aflutter with anxious nerves. It’s exciting and a bit scary to start anything new, especially to embark on a career


I was looking for inspiration and put the question out on Facebook last night, and I got some really good suggestions, including: the flu, Beyonce, yoga, and more! Now I’ll have to start keeping a list. Anyways, my friend Jessica suggested that I look up abstract art

Rascal Says Bow-wow

This afternoon I was lacking in inspiration. I spent hours scouring Pinterest for ideas – and I got trapped in a rabbit hole of prints and patterns! Finally, I put out a request for ideas on Facebook. My cousin, Rachel, responded that I should do a dog

Simple Glitter Gradient

Just a quickie today! I stopped by Big Lots the other day because I heard that there were a ton of Sephora by OPI polishes to be found – and I got a bunch, for $1.80 each! Not too shabby. Anyways, I hate leaving the house with