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Pinspiration Week: Mosaic

Posted on 7

The Dalai Lama's Nails: Pinspiration week - mosaicFor today’s Pinspiration, I found this pin from a blogger I love, The Polish Alcoholic. She even did a tutorial, which I’ve been meaning to try out for ages (hehe, if you see her original post, I was the *first* comment!). That’s why Pinterest is so great – whenever …

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2 Year Blogiversary, Thanksgivukkah, and a Giveaway!

The Dalai Lama's Nails: When Stars Align

This year I’m excited to celebrate a once-in-a-lifetime event: Thanksgiving will overlap with Hanukkah, an event that has never happened before and won’t happen again until 79811. Want to know how that works out? Here is a detailed explanation! Because we get to celebrate these …

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31DC2013 Day 27: Inspired by Art

Posted on 4

The Dalai Lama's Nails: 31DC2013  day 27 inspired by artI was totally overwhelmed with this prompt, inspired by art. I mean – all of art? A particular work of art? And googling “art” didn’t really help, either! I decided to browse Pinterest, and even created an art board for inspiration (I have a bunch of nail …

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31DC2013 Day 4: Green Nails

Posted on 1

The Dalai Lama's Nails: 31DC2013  day 4 greenWelcome to day 4 of the 31 Day Challenge. I have to say – I actually do own a bunch of green nail polish, but I got so stuck on this prompt. No kidding, I think I did 4 different green nail attempts! I was pretty displeased with everything else I came up with, …

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Glints and Glitz

Posted on 2

Glitter gradients are not new – but somehow, every time I try to do one, I end up with a big ol’ clump of too thick glitter. I’ve been determined to create a nice gradient, and after a few tries and a few different methods, I think I came up with one I actually like! …

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Sugar Spun Nails and Polish Thinner Review

Posted on 9

Well, we made it! our apartment is beautiful, and we have an amazing view of the mountains! We finally have the internet set up, which is a relief (I mean, what did people *do* without the internet???). I’m so glad to be setting up my life – it’s very exciting!

Anyways. Moving is …

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Zigs and Zags


So, we’re still on the road. Ohhhh boy. I am getting really sick of fast food, let me tell you. Bleh. We did have a great time visiting our friends in Wisconsin, though – so fun! And soon we’ll be at our new apartment, living life in Denver. That’s exciting!

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Liquid Palisade – gradient tutorial and review

All our stuff is packed up and we are hitting the road! But when your life is all packed up, how are you to do nail art?? Not to worry, I kept out a small selection of polish, and I’ll just have to make do! I love to do gradients when I’m pressed for time …

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Ode to a Pink Flamingo

Posted on 3

Last week I asked my Facebook friends to help me decide on some nail art. My Auntie Lynn suggested flamingos. Now, you have to know some back story – my family is, for some crazy reason, obsessed with pink flamingos. I think it started with my dad, but it spread! One year, we …

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Posted on 7

Sorry for the lack of posts, friends. I am slowly reentering my normal orbit post-wedding! It’s been a bit strange to get back to normal – but work, laundry, job searching, and honeymoon planning didn’t wait. And as they say, the show must go on. It’s been so fun to look back at the pictures …

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