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Digital Dozen does Pinterest: Project Runway Nail Art

You guys. Ashley Nell Tipton won Project Runway. First of all, I should say that I am obsessed with Project Runway. Now that we got that out of the way – OMG. It’s freaking awesome that she won. She’s a plus size designer – which means that she’s designing FOR ME. It is so exciting …

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Digital Dozen does Re-Creation: Vintage Floral Fabric

I am beyond excited for today’s post. I’m also a little nervous, because I so look up to gorgeous freehand looks, and I’ve tackled one of her gorgeous freehand looks! I loved this vintage fabric floral nail art from the moment Lindsey posted it – who am I kidding, …

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Digital Dozen does Re-creation: Splash Floral

Today’s Digital Dozen re-creation is a twofer! I was trying to figure out how I could honor two ladies at once, when I stumbled across Geeky Owl’s review of The Lacquerologist’s book! Aha, I thought to myself. Here’s Kirsten’s awesome and creative interpretation of a design by Emily. And so …

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Digital Dozen does Re-creation: Roses

I am BEYOND excited for this week’s Digital Dozen challenge. We are celebrating our Digi-versary by re-creating favorite past Digital Dozen manicures. The ladies of the Digital Dozen are very talented, so this week is an exciting challenge, to be sure!

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Soufeel Charm Bracelets

Back in the fall, my new house was robbed. It was really scary, especially because it was right after we moved in. I was so worried that maybe we purchased a house in the wrong neighborhood, and I really didn’t feel safe. I was especially devastated that all of my jewelry was …

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Lauren B Beauty Spring Floral – Nail Art and Review

I know that weather talk is small talk – but I just wanted to let you all know that my tulips are peaking out from the ground. I think that means it’s spring! Which means I can now, worry-free, paint as many floral nail art designs as I want, right? I mean, it’s not like …

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Digital Dozen does Nature: 3D Gel Flowers

A few weeks ago, I saw Manic Talon’s review of the Bundle Monster 3D Modeling Gels, and I immediately bought 3 pots for myself. I’ve always wanted to do more 3D stuff, and I seriously hate acrylics (the smell, oh the smell!). I’ve been on the look out for good gel …

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Digital Dozen does Patterns on Patterns: Floral Nail Art


This theme is tough for me! But I guess I already said that, so I won’t belabor the point. Yeesh! Anyways, I’ve been searching high and low for inspiration, when I saw this set by Chelsea King. Do you guys follow her? She’s a real rock star, and

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Watercolor Garden Nail Art

Posted on 30

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Water color garden nail art | The Dalai Lama's Nails

I had such a week of nail art fails this week! I don’t know what it was – well, I sort of do! Usually, when I sit down to create nail art, I have some kind of plan. I have a direction I want to go in, or at …

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KBShimmer Men are from Mars-ala Swatch

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KBShimmer Men are from Mars-ala | The Dalai Lama's Nails

When Pantone announced marsala as the color of the year, I have to admit that I was excited. I loved radiant orchid, but felt pretty ready for a change! I was pleasantly surprised by the choice – marsala is a sophisticated and somewhat earthy shade. I was even more …

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