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Guest Post from Wondrously Polished

Today’s guest post come from Lindsey of  Wondrously Polished. Lindsey is seriously one of my nail idols, and I’m just so excited that she’s agreed to guest post today. More than that, her nail art took inspiration from my logo – I’m so flattered by this gorgeous

Guest Post from FingerFood

While I’m away on a fantastic anniversary vacation (Cancun!! I’ll update you when I return), some wonderful bloggers have volunteered to keep you company! First up is the amazing Sam of FingerFood. I’ve gotten to know her more since I’ve joined the Digital Dozen, and she’s freaking fantastic.

First Day of School

Last week I announced my plans to start nail school – today, I’m writing after an exciting first day! I must admit, this morning my tummy was aflutter with anxious nerves. It’s exciting and a bit scary to start anything new, especially to embark on a career

Splats and Stripes

Just a quick post today! I’m keeping up in my efforts to use polishes that I’ve sort of forgotten about (it’s crazy how often I go back to the same polishes over and over again!), so I pulled this one out of my Helmer and thought the

Glitter Sandwich

These are the nails that went along with my bachelorette party – not the nails I did there, but the design I wore before the contest. I used the OPI Oz polishes for this look, sandwiching I Theodora You (seriously, who comes up with these names? This