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Updated Dotticure

I was thinking about how much I love my dotting tool (it’s true – I love it!) and I realized I hadn’t done any polka dots in quite a while. I also realized that my standard dotticure needed some sort of update. And how do we update

Pinspiration Week: Mosaic

For today’s Pinspiration, I found this pin from a blogger I love, The Polish Alcoholic. She even did a tutorial, which I’ve been meaning to try out for ages (hehe, if you see her original post, I was the *first* comment!). That’s why Pinterest is so great

Splats and Stripes

Just a quick post today! I’m keeping up in my efforts to use polishes that I’ve sort of forgotten about (it’s crazy how often I go back to the same polishes over and over again!), so I pulled this one out of my Helmer and thought the

Zigs and Zags

  So, we’re still on the road. Ohhhh boy. I am getting really sick of fast food, let me tell you. Bleh. We did have a great time visiting our friends in Wisconsin, though – so fun! And soon we’ll be at our new apartment, living life

Basket Weave

This is a manicure from the vault – it was from so long ago that I forgot to write down what polishes I used! I do know a few of them – it’s definitely Sephora by OPI It’s Real 18k topcoat, and the blue lines were painted

Looking in the Window

Maybe that’s a silly name for this manicure, but the design really reminded me of looking in a window! I’ve seen a bunch of De Stijl manicures out there, and I like the idea of lines and squares, and patterns. Maybe I’ll try one that looks more

Whose Line is it, anyway?

So, I woke up this morning with pink eye. BLECH! I stayed at home today because I don’t want to make other people have the pink eye… and what to do but some nails! I also washed my hands like 400 times. I seriously love how these

Sation Mix Up and a new camera!

I’ve been working on how to make this blog better (with your help! And there’s some behind the scenes action going on. You won’t even know what hit you, I’m not kidding. So exciting!). I realized that my iPhone pictures just weren’t cutting it. For example: This

Crazy Skittles

No, seriously, THIS is my favorite manicure ever. EVER! Please ignore the keyboard in the background. I didn’t take this photo at work on my cell phone, nope. Holy cow, do I ever love this manicure! I really like how this came out! I think it carries the