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31DC2014 Day 14: Flowers

Purchased by Me Press Sample We’ve got a bit of a quick post today – since… I’m buying a house this weekend! We’re closing tomorrow, but there’s still a few things I need to do to get ready! Excitement! Today’s prompt for the 31 Day Challenge is flowers

Floral Dots and Stripes

When my sister came to visit, I did a fun skittles look for her (you can see the entire nail art look in this post I wrote about Nail School). This design is what I did on her thumbs, and I loved it so much that I

Zoya Mosaics

I was perusing some of my old nail art photos and was inspired by one of my own designs. I remembered how cool the mosaic or stained glass style looks. Another look that I love and haven’t done in ages is the outlined nail – it’s so


I was really loving the fan brush stripey nails from my last post, so I thought I would do another take on the fan brush technique – variations on a theme. I love the textured effect you can create with a fan brush – it’s really simple,

Blue Mix and Match

Today I have a random mix and match. I came home from nail tech school and my brain was at capacity, and this little number is what my brain spit out! It’s kind of funny and very telling that at the end of a long day doing

First Day of School

Last week I announced my plans to start nail school – today, I’m writing after an exciting first day! I must admit, this morning my tummy was aflutter with anxious nerves. It’s exciting and a bit scary to start anything new, especially to embark on a career


I was looking for inspiration and put the question out on Facebook last night, and I got some really good suggestions, including: the flu, Beyonce, yoga, and more! Now I’ll have to start keeping a list. Anyways, my friend Jessica suggested that I look up abstract art

Color Blocking

Today I have a simple color block manicure, featuring Zoya polishes. I actually tried to do this manicure using tape, but it was so thick (so much topcoat), and I find freehanding easier. So I wiped it off and started over, and I’m really pleased with the