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31DC2014 Day 1: Red Brocade

Purchased by Me Welcome to the first day of the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge! I am feeling good – invigorated and ready to tackle this challenge. This would be the perfect time for a training montage, so cue Eye of the Tiger and let’s get pumped

Red and Wild

Got a quick post for you all this evening! It seems that I’m in the Valentine’s Day spirit – mostly I’m enjoying the reds and pinks that accompany the holiday. I sometimes forget how much I love red; blues is definitely one of my manicure go-to colors.

Rascal Says Bow-wow

This afternoon I was lacking in inspiration. I spent hours scouring Pinterest for ideas – and I got trapped in a rabbit hole of prints and patterns! Finally, I put out a request for ideas on Facebook. My cousin, Rachel, responded that I should do a dog

Abstract Pinks

I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of obsessed with these. Yesterday I had an urge to sit down and just paint – you know that feeling? I wanted to spend the time to do something detailed and artistic and time consuming. And when I was finished,