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Soft Watercolor Swirls

Today’s manicure was inspired by a pattern I found on Pinterest (I told you I was down a rabbit hole of patterns!). I loved the soft watercolor feel and the leafy swirls layered on top, and I knew right away that it would make an interesting manicure.

Pinspiration Week: Gradient Chevrons

I found this Storm and Stars tutorial when Chalkboard Nails linked to it during her 30 Day Challenge. I love both of their color combinations and have wanted to try this look ever since then! I’ve just been getting into chevrons lately, but have a long love affair …

Bright Saranicure

I don’t think Saranicure is actually a thing… but if a manicure made up of dots can be called a dotticure, then maybe a manicure made utilizing saran wrap should be called a saranicure! What do you think?

31DC2013 Day 19: Galaxies

It’s the galaxy day for the 31 Day Challenge! I really love galaxy nails – so pretty! I think the idea is super cool, and I was excited for this prompt. I poured over NASA photos of galaxies, admiring all the colors and shapes. I decided to do …

31DC2013 Day 10: Gradient Nails

I so thought this day was going to be my favorite prompt – as you may know (if you read this blog) that I have a slight obsession with gradients. I brainstormed a ton of ideas: textured gradients, magnetic gradients, gradients using metallics or other difficult polishes. And …