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31DC2014 Day 19: Pastel Galaxy

Purchased by Me Press Sample

The Dalai Lama's Nails | 31DC2014 Pastel Galaxy Nail Art

Aren’t galaxy manis just so enticing? I love layering color over color, dabbing with a bit of sponge. I think galaxy manis are among my top favorite nail art, as far as an effort to payoff ratio …

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The Digital Dozen does Countries and Cultures: Day 4 – Jerusalem

Posted on 17

The Dalai Lama's Nails: The Digital Dozen does Countries and Cultures - day 4 Jerusalem

All aboard! Our next destination on this whirlwind adventure is Jerusalem. We’ve already been to Thailand, Prague, and the Grand Canyon – we’re going far and wide, this week. I shouldn’t need to say this, but I will – this post is …

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Firmoo Glasses Review and Nail Art

Firmoo Glasses review and Nail Art

I am a glasses person. I have been since third grade. I have contacts, too – but I guess you could say that I prefer to save them for special occasions. My eyes just get so dry! I like to think of my glasses as accessories. It’s true, I 

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Zoya Kitchen Sponge Gradient

Zoya Kitchen Sponge Gradient

I loved The Nailasaurus’ recent water color gradient – it is such a neat idea to break away from smooth gradients and create something with a little texture. I love the idea of reinventing classic techniques!  I started to think about other ways to add some interest to …

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The Digital Dozen does Decades – Day 4: 1990s Lisa Frank Nail Art

The Dalai Lama's Nails: The Digital Dozen does Decades - the 1990s

Welcome to my childhood! For the fourth day of the Digital Dozen’s May theme of Decades, I’m bringing you to the 1990s for some Lisa Frank nail art. Here we are in my fourth grade class, with Lisa Frank folders and notebooks – rainbows and glitter …

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Sponges and Mermaids, Oh My! Under Water Nail Art part 2

Posted on 10

sponged mermaid under water nail art

I really had the little mermaid stuck in my head after my last under water post! So much so that I decided to just go there, girlfriend, and do some mermaid nails! Plus, I’ve been offering mermaid accent nails at events, and they seem to be a very popular …

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Sponges Live in the Ocean: Under Water Nail Art

Posted on 5

Under water nail art sponged Essie Zoya seashells rhinestonesI use a lot of makeup sponges for nail art. More often than not, I use them to create gradients (that’s my standard method – paint polish directly onto the sponge and then dab it onto the nail). I have also used a kitchen sponge to create a cool

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31DC2013 Day 8: Metallic Nails

Posted on 3


The Dalai Lama's Nails: 31DC2013  day 8 metallic nailsDay 8 of the 31 Day Challenge is Metallic Nails. At first I thought that I would use a silver striper and just do some line designs, but after looking through some of my older posts I remembered how much I liked this sponged manicure (inspired by Mr …

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Outlined Gradients

Posted on 9

Ooooooh – one thing I missed after being on the road for 3 weeks was my nail art supplies! I was itching to do some art, let me tell you 🙂 As you know, I am clearly obsessed with gradients, so that had to happen. And I’ve never successfully done the outline style, and I …

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The Best is Yet to Come

Posted on 6

The Dalai Lama's Nails: Clear Skies

I love my dad. He has always been there for me. When I had pneumonia in both lungs my first week of college, he drove straight through the night to be with me in the hospital. He’s the kind of dad whose sage advice is peppered with jokes. He loves …

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