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31DC2014 Day 3: Chevron Chic

Press Sample Purchased by Me My Pinterest is filled with stylish throw pillows that are gray and yellow, with dahlias overlapping chevrons. There’s definitely a modern design look that I was channeling when I created this nail art! I love how chic this chevron look is, and the yellow

Great Green Gobs Gradient

While definitely not what I intended, this nail art look really reminds me of the kids song “great green gobs of greasy, grimy gopher guts!” Ew, I know! But… it’s so green, and the bar glitter looks like little bugs or something? Don’t get me wrong, I

Pinspiration Week: Mosaic

For today’s Pinspiration, I found this pin from a blogger I love, The Polish Alcoholic. She even did a tutorial, which I’ve been meaning to try out for ages (hehe, if you see her original post, I was the *first* comment!). That’s why Pinterest is so great

Summer in Winter: Neon Tie-Dye

Yes, it is almost the end of December – and I suppose I am being seasonally inappropriate! I know it’s the time for deep, saturated colors and shimmery glitters. But sometimes I just want something bright and cheery, even if it comes off as summery! Plus, the