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Zig Zags

I’ve known about nail vinyls for ages, but never used them much. Why? I have no clue. I really don’t. I think I generally prefer to freehand nail art, so I forget about all the tools at my disposal. And the truth is that nail vinyls are

31DC2014 Day 25: Zoya Teardrops

Purchased by Me I love negative space manicures (you probably know that by now…), and I sure do love Zoya. Imagine my delight when Zoya created fun negative space manicures for New York Fashion Week – specifically for Zimmermann (as reported by my friend, Beauty Judy). I

31DC2014 Day 21: Zoya Storm

Purchased by Me Ooooh, I’m slipping this post in under the wire today! Oh, you – 31 Day Challenge – you thought you could get the best of me! But you didn’t! Today’s prompt is to be inspired by a color. I find this prompt to be

Guest Post from Pointless Cafe

Hi polish friends. I will be back on Monday with some fun things – thanks for understanding my absence! It’s been a tough week, but I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. In the mean time, we have Sheila from Pointless Cafe. Sheila

Zoya Kitchen Sponge Gradient

I loved The Nailasaurus’ recent water color gradient – it is such a neat idea to break away from smooth gradients and create something with a little texture. I love the idea of reinventing classic techniques!  I started to think about other ways to add some interest